How to get to RHR Hotel

Using Private Transport:

  • If you are from the PLUS Highway via Kajang exit: After Kajang Toll Booth, take the flyover to Putrajaya,Cyberjaya, Serdang. Go straight until you see a Petronas Petrol Station on your left and slowly shift to the further left lane. You will see a signboard to UNITEN. Follow the signboard and you will see the UNITEN Main Entrance on your left.
  • If you are from the PLUS Highway via Serdang exit. Just after Serdang Toll Booth, turn left at the traffic light and follow the sign to Putrajaya. Along the way you will see a signboard to UNITEN, follow the signboard and you will reach a small roundabout under a flyover. Turn to your left and move ahead. You will see the UNITEN main entrance on your right.
rhr hotel map

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Using Airline service:

If you are traveling by air, you can choose from a various choice of public transportation from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)/ KLIA2 to RHR Hotel, UNITEN.

A. By train KLIA Transit:

klia transit klia transit train

Option 1

You can travel using KLIA Transit from KLIA Station to Putrajaya & Cyberjaya Station. You will have to pay about RM9.40 for one-way fare. The first train depart from KLIA is at 5:52am and the last train will depart at 1:03am. The frequency of the train is every 20 minutes (peak hours) and 30 minutes (off-peak hours). Visit call to KLIA call center at 03-2267-8000 for more KLIA Transit details.

When you reach Putrajaya & Cyberjaya Station you will need to take a taxi to UNITEN. The estimates journey time from the station to UNITEN is about 15 to 20 minutes depending on traffic condition.

Option 2

You can travel from KLIA Station to Bandar Tasik Selatan (BTS)Station. You will have to pay about RM38.40 for one-way fare. When you reach BTS KLIA Transit Station, you need to walk to BTS KTM Komuter Station which is just next to the KLIA Transit Station. Take the KTM Komuter to Serdang KTM Komuter Station. You will have to pay about RM1.90 for one-way fare. From there you will need a taxi to travel toUNITEN. The estimates journey time from this station to UNITEN is less than 10 minutes depending on the traffic condition.

The route, fares and timetablefor KTM Komuter service is available from the link below.
1. Link for KTM Komuter fares
2. Link for KTM Komuter Timetables: Monday to Friday , Saturday & Sunday

For more details please visit or call to KTMB call center at 603-2267-1200.

ktm komuter logo   Ktm

B. By Taxi/Limousine

You can travel from KLIA to UNITEN by taxi/limo. The journey will cost you from RM50 to RM100 per journey depending on type of taxi/limo you choose and the time you are using the service. The coupon for taxi can be obtained at 3 counters located at:
1. The International arrival area just after Customs but before public arrival area.
2.The arrival Hall by Door 3.
3.The Domestic Baggage Reclaim area
The counter staff of theAirport Limo will be there to assist you.
For more information please contact Airport Limo at 603-9223-8080 (KLIA Booking Centre) or 603-8787-3675 (KLIA AirportCounter).